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Quarterly Meetings: October 24, 2011, January 23 & April 23, 2012

The Seeley Lake Refuse District was created by resolution 74-207 of the Missoula Board of County Commissioners in October, 1974 and was amended by resolution 83-04 in January, 1983.  Prior to July 2005, the Seeley Lake Refuse District functioned as an independent unit of Missoula County.  At that time the district was uniformly folded into the local government of Missoula County, with the Auditor’s Office overseeing the financial reports and the employees of the District becoming employees of Missoula County.  In October 2009, SLRD became a part of Missoula County Public Works Department. The District parallels the geographic boundaries of Elementary School District 34.  The transfer site is located on Woodworth Road, near the grounds of the previous landfill.  

Annual projected revenue for the District is $317,000 in Fiscal Year 2010.  The current tax assessment fee is $125.00 per family residential unit or business property.  Next year the  assessment fee will be increased to $155.00. Each taxpayer is allotted ten cubic yards (compacted) of trash to be dumped at the transfer site for this fee.  Volumes in excess of ten cubic yards are charged at a rate of $15.00/cubic yard.  Construction materials, tires, sofas and other furniture, mattresses, and appliances are charged separate fees according to published fee schedules.  District tax revenues comprise approximately 81% of revenue, with the remaining 19% paid by customers directly at the transfer site.

The transfer site is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sunday, with expanded hours during the summer months. Each taxpayer member of the District is issued a identification tag which must be shown each time the site is accessed.  All trash dumped at the transfer site is transported to Missoula landfill by Allied Waste Management.

Seeley Lake Refuse District
PO Box 121
Seeley Lake, MT 59868

Phone: (406) 677-3809

Physical Location: Woodworth Road
Refuse District Hours:
November 1 through April 30
May 1 through October 31
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 10 - 4
Wednesday 9 am- 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday 9 am -5 pm
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